Current Graduate Students (chair; n = 3)

James Robinson (started fall 2019) Modeling peak flow projections in the Stillaguamish River

Evan Paul (started fall 2020) Modeling peak flow projections in the Nooksack River

Emily Smoot (started fall 2020) Modeling the effects of projected climate warming on stream temperatures in the Stillaguamish River basin

Current Graduate Students (committee member; n = 5)

Callie Little (started fall 2020) Modeling Bluff Recession and Vulnerability in Northern Puget Sound, WA

Emily Loucks (started fall 2020) Does sediment supply impact the threshold for initial sediment motion?

Liam Hormer (started fall 2019) Evaluating sedimentation rates and transport dynamics across complex nearshore habitats in an estuarine embayment

Eric Brown (started fall 2018) Testing potential trigger mechanisms of three deep-seated rock avalanches, Whatcom County, Washington

Hannah La Gassey (started fall 2018; Environmental Studies) Dendrochronological Analysis of a Hydrologically Linked Glacier and Stream in the North Cascades, Washington

Completed Graduate Students (chair; n = 23)

Kate Clarke (2020): Modeling the effects of climate change on streamflow and stream temperature in the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River

Kyra Freeman (2019): Modeling the Effects of Climate Variability on Hydrology and Stream Temperatures in the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River

Kevin Knapp (2018): The effects of forecasted climate change on mass wasting susceptibility in the Nooksack River Basin

Stephanie Truitt (2018): Modeling the effects of forecasted climate change on stream temperature in the Nooksack River Basin

Ryan Murphy (2016): Modeling the Effects of Forecasted Climate Change and Glacier Recession on Late Summer Streamflow in the Upper Nooksack River Basin

Katherine Beeler (2014): Sediment and phosphorus inputs from perennial streams to Lake Whatcom, Northwestern, Washington

Curtis Clement (2014): Estimating Sediment Yield from the Swift Creek Landslide, Whatcom County, Washington State

Brandon Brayfield (2013): Modeling slope failure in the Jones Creek Watershed, Acme, Washington

Michael Larrabee (2011): Hydrologic and geomorphic assessment of Ebey’s Prairie, central Whidbey Island, Washington

Casey Hanell (2011): Effects of timber harvest on groundwater response to precipitation events near Kalaloch, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Erica Martell (2010): Natural occurring aqueous arsenic and seawater intrusion on Lummi Island, Washington

Susan Dickerson (2010): Modeling the effects of climate change forecasts on streamflow in the Nooksack River basin

Heather Hirsch (2007): Applicability of the NLOS model for predictions of soil water movement and nitrogen transport in an Agricultural soil, Agassiz, BC

Carrie Donnell (2007): Quantifying the glacial meltwater component of Streamflow in the Middle Fork Nooksack River, Whatcom County WA using a distributed hydrology model

Margo Burton (2007): Application of a nitrate fate and transport model to the Abbbotsford-Sumas aquifer, Whatcom County, Washington

Katherine Kelleher (2006): Streamflow calibration of two sub-basins in the Lake Whatcom Watershed, Washington using a distributed hydrology model

William Sullivan (2005): The hydrogeology of north Lummi Island, Washington

Leslie (Braverman) McKee (2004): An investigation of denitrification along Pangborn Creek in the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer, Washington

Jay Chennault (2004): Modeling the contribution of glacial meltwater to streamflow in Thunder Creek, North Cascades National Park, Washington

Leora Nanus (2000): Seasonal and temporal variability of nitrate contamination in the Abbotsford-Summas Aquifer (Co-advised with Scott Babcock)

David Stasney (2000): Hydrostratigraphy, ground-water flow and nitrate transport within the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer, Whatcom County, Washington

Sharon Gelinas (2000): An exploratory statistical analysis of ground-water quality in the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer

Paul Humphreys (1998): Ground and surface-water interaction near a plywood manufacturing facility on the Lake Roosevelt Shoreline, Kettle Falls, Washington

Completed Graduate Students (committee member; n = 16)

Grace Sutherland (2021) Evaluating thresholds in fluvial response to the Eocene Thermal Maximum 2 in the Bighorn Basin (Wyoming, U.S.A)

Avery Maverick (2020) Wave runup and morphologic change on a mixed-sediment beach in the Salish Sea, WA

Liza Kimberly (2020): Testing the potential for using Structure from Motion photogrammetry methods to estimate seasonal mass balance on lower Easton Glacier, Mount Baker, WA

Lexie Stodden (2020): Auto-stratigraphic evolution of experimental crater-fill basins: Implications for interpreting Mars sequence stratigraphy and paleoclimate

Nate VanArendonk (2019): Assessing coastal vulnerability to storm surge and wave impacts with projected sea-level rise within the Salish Sea

Christopher Trinies (Environmental Science, 2019): Dendroclimatology of yellow-cedar (Callitropsis nootkatensis) and late Holocene temperature variability on the western slopes of the North Cascades in Washington State

Will Cary (2018):  Testing 10Be exposure dating of Holocene cirque moraines using glaciolacustrine sediments in the Sierra Nevada

Geoff Malick (2018): Timing, extent, and continued evolution of the Van Zandt landslide complex, Whatcom County, Washington

Hal Wershow (2016): A Holocene glaciolacustrine record of the Lyman Glacier and implications for glacier fluctuations in the North Cascades, Washington

Ana Miscolta (Environmental Studies, 2016): Science and Strategy: How scientific and technical information are used in disputes over landslide regulations in Seattle, WA

Benjamin Ferreira (2014): High-Resolution LIDAR Mapping and Analysis to Quantify Surface Movement of the Swift Creek Landslide, Whatcom County, Washington

Jezra Beaulieu (2013): Thermal and Hydrological Assessment of the Goethe Rock Glacier, Sierra Nevada, CA

Gerry Gabrisch (2011, Environmental Studies): Irregular tessellated surface model map algebras to define flow directions and delineate catchments using LiDAR bare earth sample points

Sarah Harper-Smith (2008, Biology): Relative effects of riparian cover and groundwater inflow on stream temperature in lowland Whatcom County, Washington 

Jenny Baker (2003, Environmental Science): The effect of red alder (Alnus rubra) ripari forests on  ground water and stream-water chemistry

Karel Tracy (2002): Changes in Mirror Lake as a result of diversions of water from the Nooksack Basin, 2002. (Co-advised with Chris Suczek and Doug Clark)

Non-Thesis MS Advisees (n = 2)

Brandie Theisen (1999): Wellhead protection plan Isle Aire Beach Water Association Lummi Island (Co-advised project with Scott Babcock)

Tracy Kelley (1998): Hydrostratigraphy and groundwater resources of northern Lummi Island (Co-advised project with Scott Babcock)

Undergraduate Thesis Advisees (n = 6)

Ian Edgar (2020): Calibration optimization of a stream temperature model applied to the Nooksack River

Greg Morrow (2013): Rock slope stability analysis along Eagleview Road on Slide Mountain, Western Whatcom County, Washington

Stephen Bond (2005): Characterizing the groundwater flow beneath an agricultural field in northern Whatcom County using GMS

Peter Ojala (2004): Estimating the recharge on Lummi Island, WA using the USGS Deep Percolation Model

Thomas Roper III (2000): Monitoring of sediment control devices on Canyon Creek in Washington State

Luis F. Camacho (1999): An overview of the Global Positioning System, The Magellan NAV 5000 PRO Receiver, Magellan DBRTM